“There’s No Stoppin’ Us…”


In the early 80s, I was young but already steeped in music and music culture. Having grown up with a record collection starting at the age of four, a regular viewer of Dance Fever and Solid Gold, and access to MTV via push button set top cable box by 1981, I felt I was well tuned in to pop music. But, when the movie “Breakin” came out, I realized there was a lot more to learn.

This movie shaped my early life and my musical direction in ways I honestly still can’t calculate. This song, in particular, still evokes that anthemic sense of optimism that 80s music is so terrific for. Many have derided this flick for being overly trite and cheesy, but there’s a few things that can’t be denied: it had a killer soundtrack, and some great dancing.

Lately, I’ve been rocking out to it on a live mix by Dimitri from Paris, and searching the Internet for original pressings. Yesterday, I found this in the dollar bin while on an impromptu visit to the Goodwill with my oldest son. It should be noted that it was blue tag day, so this was half off. I just paid $.50 for something that I have been looking for… for two decades, and is now one of my most treasured possessions. Thank you @goodwillnne. You have truly made a dream come true for both my eight-year-old self, and the career musician that I am today.