WMPG Sale Represents with RASA

Great time this weekend at the annual WMPG Record Sale! I hadn’t been able to go for several years, but this year I was able to take my two boys with me. My kindergartner has started his own vinyl collection, centered around the King of Pop, so he was thrilled to get to see so many records in one place.

I was psyched to find this Quincy Jones “Ai No Corrida” 45. That is one of my all-time favorite jams, and my kindergartner has hysterical alternative lyrics worked up. This Steve Gadd Group record from ’87 is amazing thus far. Excited to check out this Jean-Luc Ponty record, as well. But, the prize here is obviously Rasa.

Anyone who has paid attention to my musical rantings and ravings over the past many years knows that I have a rich story with this record in crazy and meaningful ways beyond simple explanation. It has been much more than musical enjoyment: it’s been a door, a gateway to encounters, and relationships, and messages from God. Every time I encounter this record, I have a bolt of excitement hit me, as I know there is meaning behind it. I have lately been at a fantastically low point, hence me being fairly quiet and “on hiatus,” but this encounter with this record again has really lifted me. This makes Copy no.4.