Sumner McKane Group Scores Legendary Silent Film


The Sumner McKane Group will be writing and performing a score of original music to the classic groundbreaking documentary silent film “Nanook of the North” as part of the One Longfellow Square “Local Score/Silent Film” series. The group, after spending the entire month of April composing, will perform the newly-written score for the first (and ostensibly, only) time on April 30th and May 1st at 8pm, during screenings of the film. Tickets for each night are $8 and info is available at One Longfellow Square.

Robert Flaherty’s classic film “Nanook of the North” documents one year in the life of Inuit hunter Nanook and his family as they struggle to survive in the harsh conditions of Canada’s Hudson Bay region. The film describes the trading, hunting, fishing and migrations of a group barely touched by industrial technology. “Nanook of the North” was widely shown and praised as the first full-length, anthropological documentary in cinematographic history. Enormously popular when released in 1922, Nanook of the North is a cinematic milestone that continues to enchant audiences. The film was made in 1922, and has a runtime of 78 minutes.

Media Glutton

I was interviewed last week week by my good friend Justin Ellis at the Portland Press Herald for his regular "Favorites" column in the iHerald section, which is now up today on the Press Herald website.

You can see it here:

Please note the animated expression in the photo. This is a shot that was used a few months ago for another story they interviewed me for. The day that story came out, Justin emailed me to ask what the hell my problem was and why I looked so crazed. Now I realize, he asked me to be a part of today’s column so he could run that photo again.

Thanks, pal 🙂

Anyway, enjoy!


BAM Cafe Show

The show at BAM Cafe in Brookyln was crazy! The room was very cool, and the whole vibe of the place was excellent. People were there for the music, even if they did insist on sitting on the floor, college coffeehouse-style.

Thanks to Nantucket for representing!

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Sumner McKane Group at SPACE with Caspian


This show is going to be unreal. I’ve been working on this for what seems to be months, so the fact that it is coming to fruition is unbelievable!

Sumner McKane Group will be performing first on the bill, We’re playing some new, new, freshy fresh material that we’ve been working on over the past few rehearsals. I have high hopes for this one.

We get to open for Caspian, old friends of mine from my former stomping grounds of Beverly, MA. I love these guys. If you haven’t done it already, check out their website, and be their friend on myspace, and all that jazz.

And, while you’ re at it, check out the Sumner McKane Group, too…

the Rocket Drums on “American Garage” by Don Campbell


Two years in the making, American Garage has 11 new original Don Campbell songs as well as two covers. Without a flicker of doubt, this collection of songs displays Don’s creative range as songwriter, singer, musician and producer like no previous project.  This is an adult contemporary album with hints of country, bluegrass and even some rock acoustic sounds…classic American music.

Don wrote the original songs over the last year, and inspiration came from subjects as diverse as Pat Tillman (Red, White & Blue Heart); to Dads/ (My Old Garage & The Hero in Me); to different expressions of love (You & Me; Let It Show & Beautiful Rain); to the environment (Tilt-a-Whirl) to the phenomenon of the show, American Idol (Heavens Open Up Now) to transition and making moves (Faster Than Lightnin’ & Cut Off My Ear – two of the most uptempo numbers on the project!) to what ended up being the final addition to the collection…a song called “Finding Your Way Home”, inspired by the deaths of two very influential music men, Brad Delp and Bill Chinnock.  For the listeners’ dessert, Don has provided two cover tunes at the end of the CD – a power ballad version of Tom Waits’ ‘Ol 55 and an uptempo bluegrass version of Meat Loaf’s “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad”.

Bandmates Andy Happel, Todd Richard & Sumner McKane recorded on the project in Don’s Maine & Tennessee studios over the year.  Tonya Shevenell – Executive Producer of the project and Peter Shevenell – Graphic Designer of the project.  This CD contains 16 page liner notes containing lyrics and song prologues as well as live photos of the band.

the Rocket Drumming on Sessions at the Studio

I’ve had the honor of getting called for a bunch of sessions at the Studio, here in Portland, by my good friend Jim Begley.

I’ve been doing some work with songwriter Al Timpson, doing drums, percussion, and programming for a collection of songs he’s been working on for several months. Al is fired up to get them done, so I’ll be posting news soon on where and when these songs might be available to the public.

Also, I had the pleasure of working with LL Bean and Swardlick Marketing on a song entitled "Even Santa Claus Shops at LL Bean," that was written by Dale Holden and will be appearing in a holiday ad campaign. There is also talk of a CD of the recording being distributed at the LL Bean flagship store throughout the holiday. Pretty Cool!

Thanks, Jim, for these terrific opportunities! If you are interested in checking out the Studio’s top notch facility, please visit them here:



This past Saturday, November 10th, Portland-based wepushbuttons handed out awards at their 1st Annual wepushbuttons Awards., a webzine/forum/portal site dedicated to uniting and promoting Maine’s growing electronic music scene, held the event at the SPACE Gallery on Congress Street and handed out awards in 25 unique categories, honoring not only nominees and winners, but Maine’s electronic music community as a whole.

The event was hosted by WPB’s Mike Clouds and music was provided throughout the night by DJ Jason Keith of Brown Jacket Media. Feature performances included turns by WPB Awards Nominee Vik44, Best New Artist Winner Kristina Kentigian, Best Artist Winner Brzowski, multiple winners Moshe and Syn the Shaman as Project Dark, multiple nominees Labseven, and Best New Artist nominees the Secret Weekend.

For a complete list of the winners and the nominees for the 1st Annual wepushbuttons Awards, please click here:

To celebrate the Awards, wepushbuttons has published a redesigned website, version 2.0. To visit the sites main page, click here:

Thank you.


Please visit the following links to see recent press regarding the 1st Annual wepushbuttons Awards





Project Dark “The Director’s Cut” Remix Album Out 10/31


the Difference is appearing on the remix album to the highly anticipated Project Dark CD, the collabo between Moshe and KGB aka Syn the Shaman, being released on Halloween on Milled Pavement. The remix CD is called "The Director’s Cut," and is the companion piece to "and it was black" the debut release by Project Dark.

Patrick and I did a remix of the track "Exist Through This," and we are so psyched, not only for our track but the company we get to keep… this remix album is chock-full of some of the best producers and remix artists in the Northeast!

Peep it here:

rocket – one nominated for wepushbuttons award!


i’ve been nominated for "best downtempo dj" in the first annual wepushbuttons awards! awesome!

everyone can vote! please go and vote for me, as well as slowing room, miss fairchild and the many friends, associates and affiliates on the ballot in a bunch of different categories…

thank you everyone for voting!


It’s time.

It’s time for the electronic/hip hop music community in Maine to set forth a definition; a definition of who we are and what we do.

It’s time for us to come together to understand each other as well as encourage others to dig deeper than their own understanding of electronic-based music; a true conduit of information to build a complete circuit.

It’s time for the wepushbuttons Awards.

The wepushbuttons Awards recognize individuals and groups and their respective achievements, ranging from DJs to MCs to Producers to Bands that represent the realness in electronic music in our city. The Awards are realized in 25 different categories. Yes! Our “small” music community has enough richness and diversity to warrant this many separate areas of recognition.

Re-define. We define. We Push Buttons.

I’m back, and in one piece!


After a week of regional CD release parties at our usual haunts, and then 13 road dates in 20 days, I am pleased to say that I am indeed back home. Having spent the majority of September away from Maine, it’s definitely strange to be back in this eerie in-between where there are bunches of leaves on the ground and 80 degree plus temps. Since I had a busy summer (as you know,) I’m happy to come home and see a few lingering bits of summer here to greet me.

Tour kicked ass, period. We took the Miss Fairchild show to church, and British Columbia, and back. God love everyone who extended themselves to us, whetehr it be thorugh helping us with bookings or giving us a place to stay. You are all appreciated beyond words. if you want to read the Great Dunlap’s rather exhaustive blog account of the trip, please visit and peep it, yo.

Thanks so much for all of your emails and messages and thougths throughout the past few weeks. It’s been great to be able to keep tabs on everyone.

So what happens next with me? Good question… Check the rest of the blog! News is forthcoming…                  

Miss Fairchild Releases “Ooh La La Sha Sha”

L_21dbaa6f8ea3ef2ac9d9775e44c5d44fMiss Fairchild, the Boston-based Pop-Funk band, announce the release of their sophomore long-player Ooh La La, Sha Sha… on Tuesday, September 4, 2007. With a style that distills the best funk and pop music from the past thirty years into a fresh new sound, the album fuses the band’s flair for spectacle with a genuine knack for what works.

Building on a history of razor sharp production values, Ooh La La, Sha Sha… features ten new songs, including four first heard on the summer sensation The Miss Fairchild Mixtape, released in May of this year. Two of these are “Number One," which has “got everything you want, really… A nice story, a sick beat, and a chorus that gets your whip moving around the corners a little faster in the morning," (Music For Robots) and “Vanilla Place, “which shows off the band’s appeal in less than four minutes: bright layered melodies, funky rhythms, and lead singer Daddy Wrall’s charming, El DeBarge-like vocals." (Idolator)

Balancing the varied sensibilities of the slick dance floor rhythms of The Jacksons and the down and dirty funk of Graham Central Station, Sha Sha… showcases the catchy melodies, infectious rhythms, and tight arrangements that have made Miss Fairchild so successful in their previous releases: 2004’s :Album and 2005’s Housing Prodgect EP, as well as production credits on JedSed’s Lipschitz: Jed Sed.

True “Homemade Superstars,” Miss Fairchild epitomize their moniker, having written, arranged, recorded and produced the entire album themselves. With beats and production helmed by Samuel P. Nice (aka Sammy Bananas of Certified Bananas fame), vocals by Daddy Wrall and instrumentation performed by Schuyler Dunlap, Miss Fairchild enlisted friends and family to fill out their sound with strings and horns, making the record a true family affair. And fans of The Miss Fairchild Show will be pleased to find that Ooh La La, Sha Sha… sees the band emphasizing the influences of their live incarnation: the unbridled energy of Sly & The Family Stone, the tightness of The Time, and the unadulterated fun of Tony Toni Toné. There’s a reason popular mp3 blog Music For Robots says, “Miss Fairchild is the house band for the good times."

Ooh La La, Sha Sha… will see pre-Tuesday premiers in Portland, ME (8/24), Boston, MA (8/30), Nantucket, MA (8/31), Providence, RI (9/1), and Brooklyn, NY (9/2).

Miss Fairchild CD Release Tour Dates

09/06/2007 09:00 PM
Jello Bar
151 Ontario Street, Montreal, Quebec
w/ DJ Truspin

09/07/2007 09:00 PM
317 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario
with Jokers of the Scene

09/08/2007 09:00 PM
Oldfield’s Bar and Grille
1571 N. Fourth St, Columbus, Ohio 43201

09/09/2007 09:00 PM
Underground Lounge
462 W. Newport, Chicago, Illinois
w/ JedSed & others

09/12/2007 09:00 PM
The Royal Hotel
501 1st Ave, Fernie, British Columbia

09/13/2007 09:00 PM
Hifi Club
219 10 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta
with Small Town DJs

09/15/2007 09:00 PM
Pyramid Cabaret
176 Fort Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

09/16/2007 09:00 PM
Big V’s
1567 University Avenue W, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101

09/18/2007 09:00 PM
The Annex
1206 Regent Street, Madison, Wisconsin

09/20/2007 09:00 PM
Empire Liquors
1566 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60622
with Willy Joy

09/21/2007 09:00 PM
419 N. Walnut, Bloomington, Indiana 47401

09/22/2007 09:00 PM
240 E. Pittsburgh Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204

the Rocket’s New Drums!


I’m so thrilled to show you all the newst edition to my family… my brand new Pearl Masters Studio Birch set in Red Glass sparkle wrap finish. Thanks to Chris, Shane, and everyone at the Drum Shop in Portland. They have always been there to give me a hand and know me and my tastes so well. It’s great to have guys like this on your team! If you’re looking for drums visit them on the web here:

I’ll be including all the tech specs on my artist package page shortly, but for now… here’s a few snaps… The kit will be making its debut at the Miss Fairchild SPACE show tonight!